What Is Better Granite or Quartz?

Whether you are renovating your kitchen, or planning to transform your dull bathroom into a ravishing piece of luxury, you have to resolve your inner granite versus quartz dilemma. When it comes to kitchen countertops or bathroom countertops, the initial choices usually include granite and quartz. Both are quality materials and function equally well. Since granite and quartz are each loudly touted by their manufacturers as being the pure natural material, hard like stone and coming straight from the earth, it is sometimes difficult to differentiate between the two and decide which is better for your needs; granite or quartz. This post helps you determine the answer.

  1. Appearance

Granite is available in many different patterns and colors since it is formed through the natural process of cooling and solidifying of the molten materials. If you are searching for a refined complement to your bathroom or kitchen or a differentiating slab having unique mineral inclusions, you can find limitless options to choose from as no two granite kitchen countertops can be same. Appearance is the most prominent feature behind quartz popularity.  It has a stone-look with more room for customization in terms of design. As granite has many options when it comes to appearance, you need to choose the right matching piece; however, with quartz, the decision can be taken faster.

  1. Eco-friendliness

The only way granite countertops end up in your bathroom or kitchen is if these are quarries and that utilizes enough energy. For instance, getting a high-quality slab from outside will also involve transportation. It is advised to use indigenous stone or get pieces from the salvage shops to cut these to cater your needs.  As quartz is the engineered stone, the quartz countertops are eco-friendlier than granite especially if you take locally manufactured stone and regional fabricator.

  1. Maintenance

Both granite and quartz countertops can easily be cleaned with mild water and soap based cleaner. To increase their longevity, do resealing every year.

  1. Durability

Being durable, granite resist kitchen elements especially heat, while being porous, it can encounter some staining if you leave spilled liquids on a frequent basis. Quartz, being harder than granite, is more durable. It is almost indestructible and is not porous like granite. However, exposer to excessive heat can damage the surface.

The Verdict


Talking about surface, quartz seems to be the winner; it is long-lasting, easy to maintain, eco friendly and customizable. However, it is usually an expensive option while granite’s uniqueness is appealing to a lot of people. Choose between the two based on your specific preferences and budget.